Li'l Eddie - Piano Lessons age 10

My brother (top, on the left) was older & wiser.  He still is … Back then, he enjoyed illusions of becoming a great athlete, but eventually went on to be a psuedo-celeb in Philly doing traffic reports from a helicopter with the ATLANTIC GO PATROL.  Me, I just wanted to play guitar and wear cool hats, as you can see by the photo!  And so the journey began … but back then “Mom” had a different idea for my music, like … piano lessons at age 10, arghhhh … Saturday mornings and my buddies were out at the playground shooting hoops, throwing a baseball around or trying to kick field goals, and I was stuck in the house with an old fart with bad breath, …  sheesh!  But, to be honest – it certainly made learning the guitar alot easier at age 14.  Mom’s have a little foresight, I guess.  And this year (2017) marks 52 years since my 1st stage appearance.   52 years!!!  Wow, that’s A   L O N G  time.  Maybe its time to try something different … maybe golf … “Fore”!



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