From modest beginnings …

Growing up in northeast Philadelphia during the “doo wop era” (late 50′s & 60′s) music was omnipresent and a driving force.  Buying “45′s” and listening to the the Motown bands, the Beatles and Stones and other British Invaders was a favorite pastime.  Being immersed in the “Philly Sound” by virtue of locale, we grew up with the likes of Harold Melvin, Tod Rundgren, Jim Croce, Hall & Oats, Fabian, Bobby Rydel, Billy Harner, The Kit Kats, and Soul Survivors  and many other notable as not only recording stars but … guys from the neighborhood who made it to the Big Time, adding inspiration and motivation.  A band in high school, another in college, and a 3rd by the time I hit 24, I was no stranger to the stage and had already bonded with many of my hometown heroes.  Spending 3 years in a sales management position with the Gretsch Guitar & Drum Company (and bonding with the likes of Chet Atkins, Buddy Emmons, Dave Mason, The Doobies, POCO, Ray Charles, Elton Jon, and The Average White Band) fermented the desire to continue to perform, with anyone and as often as humanly possible.  Post Gretsch, 8 years with an all original trio that toured the Caribbean and the Eastern Seaboard and ultimately landing in south Florida set up some great impromptu collaborations with giants like Lew London, John McKuen, and Herbie Mann, and then the last 8 years with a lead role in the classic rock dance band OPM kept the fever brewing.  Opening shows for the likes of the OHIO PLAYERS and REO SPEEDWAGON were awesome events, and headlining every festival, concert venue and nightclub on the Treasure Coast has been extremely gratifying and richly rewarding.  Over the last few years, the softer side of performance art in the form of solo acoustic (one guitar / one voice) has taken on a life of its own, and it appears to be the next musical gauntlet to be challenged … My work with the band (OPM) will still remain active and energized, and 30 – 35 performances annually should remain the norm, but providing a more personal artist / patron interaction with the solo work has quickly equaled and amazingly surpassed those numbers.  I might actually exceed 200 solo performances in 2017, and the energy level continues to escalate (even though a rough estimate has me approaching 8,000 gigs in my lifetime).  Funny … when you don’t put in an 8 hour work day during daylight hours … YOU STILL HAVE SOME ENERGY LEFT for evening activities like singing & entertaining.  I love it … I wish I had thought of this 20 years ago!

this is the current chapter written, but CERTAINLY NOT the final chapter to be written … I’m just sayin’ … upward & onward!

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